The Stables

The Stables is an exclusive membership program endowed by a partnership between The Australian Turf Club and The Keystone group, and based in the expansive Level 4 Member’s Stand at Royal Randwick Racecourse. The brief was to devise an online application process that would reflect the luxury experience new members could come to expect from the venue.

As lead designer at MAXCO, I oversaw the project from the initial stages. The final aesthetic credit lies with my talented colleague Lawrence Wilms. My roles included:

  1. Project discovery / definition
  2. Wireframes, Process Diagrams, Prototypes and Documentation
  3. Oversee Back End development
  4. Front end development and typography using the new H&FJ cloud typography web font service.

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  • Process Design:

    Process Design:

    Wireframes and flow diagrams helped define the process from start to finish, identifying unique and intersecting goals of the user and administrator. These methods of documentation acted as reference points for design decisions throughout the project.

  • Online Application:

    Online Application:

    The lengthy membership form presented a problem for our luxury user experience. In response, we created unique codes emailed to the first 500 invitees. The form would then be pre-filled with data from the Keystone group, satisfying a simpler application process.

    I created a responsive prototype using the Foundation framework to test the application process, manage client expectations, ensure accuracy and gain final approval.