RGM Artists

RGM Artists represents Australia’s best known actors, voice artists, writers, corporate presenters and more. They required smart, functional websites for three divisions, RGM ArtistsRGM Voices and RGM Western Australia. The sites needed to adhere to an existing brand aesthetic, and convenience and efficient navigation were important. The sites needed to be clear and unpretentious, both professional and human.

My main roles in this project included:

  1. Graphic design an IA from wireframes to final product
  2. Overseeing the system design and development of the CMS and administration tools.

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  • Searching & Shortlisting:

    Searching & Shortlisting:

    Access to artist profiles needed to be straight-forward, discoverable and recoverable. The design rests on an content architecture that is adaptable for each divisions' existing processes and internal structure. A simple visual signifier, ‘dog-eared’ artist profiles, was used to toggle in and out of a user-defined short list.

  • Sharing:


    The private file sharing system meets the procedural needs of the industry and maintains security.