For four years, I have been working in business and product innovation at BCG Digital Ventures in defining opportunities for new corporate ventures and bringing to life the first version of a product to gain initial investment. I have lead the product design in this innovation phase for numerous ventures that have gone on to launch successfully in market by some of Australia’s largest brands.

Due to confidentiality agreements I am unable to present client work, so I have aimed here to summarise my approach and show fragments of outputs.

  • Consumer research and testing

    Consumer research and testing

    I have been involved in various research methods, across scoping, planning, recruiting, the production of discussion guides, worksheets and materials, the facilitation itself as well as the execution and synthesis of the data into formats that can be understood and effectively inform a design process. Common objectives for research I conduct in innovation includes validation of user frictions, value proposition testing, brand association and feature prioritisation.

  • Experience mapping and product modelling

    Experience mapping and product modelling

    Once a critical mass of research and exploration has been conducted, it becomes possible to map a 'happy path' user experience for the key moments of the overall service. By going between physical and digital workspaces as well as group and individual production and review cycles, a cohesive sequence of interactions emerges.

  • Interim brand design

    Interim brand design

    A brand is required as a vehicle to communicate the vision of the new idea. Questions such as: How closely aligned the concept should be with the master brand? What visual language will create the least design debt in the future? What characteristics would suit the customers' needs? Rapid research and design exercises inform the decisions and a brand comes together quickly, usually with a name, app icon, colours, type treatments as a starting point.

  • Interface design and prototyping

    Interface design and prototyping

    In innovation contexts, the interface visual design is one of many competing priorities. I generally establish a set of design principles early in the venture through various research activities so that the visual and tone of voice decisions can be made quickly yet with an informed rationale. At the point of going from wireframes to production I create a minimal component library to build in a degree of consistency as the design is being rolled out.

  • Pitches and storytelling

    Pitches and storytelling

    Pitching a concept requires clear visual aids to punctuate the verbal presentation. Most of the effort goes into thinking about how to tell the story of the vision, the frictions it solves and the reasons to believe the risk is worth the reward in the most compelling way. The visual hierarchy and language, the balance between simplification and depth, the flow and the integration with the verbal delivery are all critically important to the pitch's success.