Hospitality Groups

MAXCO was briefed to develop the online platform of three major hospitality groups during my time as Lead Designer, The Keystone Group, Open Door Pub Company (Melbourne) and most recently, Solotel.  Each group had their own specifications and requirements which were to be facilitated across a number of sites from a single CMS. As smart phones are the major access point for traffic to these sites, an emphasis was placed on mobile optimisation.

I worked as lead designer on each of these projects, responsible for:

  1. Design of core template
  2. Graphic Design & UI for Corporate sites, specialised functions bookings sites, and many venue sites
  3. Assistance with the responsive front end template development
  4. Project management and overseeing development
  • 1/ Corporate Site

    1/ Corporate Site

    The corporate site focuses on particular user groups, predominantly the hospitality industry, job seekers, and business investors. The Solotel corporate site introduced a new brand and needed to define the group as leaders within the food and beverage industry.

    Visit the Solotel Corporate Site →

  • 2/ Venue Templates:

    2/ Venue Templates:

    The individual venue sites are based on a number of flexible templates that are able to express the unique personality of each venue. Because of the shared template, the challenge was to devise functionalities and interface modules that would work on a low common denominator.

    This solid backbone could then be adapted and built upon where necessary, with any new functional modules becoming available to other sites within the system.

    Visit the Albion Hotel Website → Visit the Newtown Hotel Website →

  • 3/ Functions Site

    3/ Functions Site

    The functions booking site allows users searching for an event space, to browse options across all of the groups' venues based on a few key filters, and make their enquiries online. 

    Visit The Melbourne Venue Company Website →