I am currently preparing to move permanently to Canada and looking for new opportunities.

I am a designer, with 9 years of professional experience in-house, at agencies and most recently at BCG Digital Ventures in Sydney, Australia where my focus has been on venture innovation, strategic and product design. This is supported by a practical understanding of user experience, user interface, graphic design, front end development and the processes and methodologies that go along with them.

I’ve always worked outside of my comfort zone, learning as I go from the people around me. I have transitioned into leadership and mentoring roles where I’ve coached others entering design and professional contexts.

I believe that balance is the fundamental principle of all design. Every decision is a trade off and every move has a counter-move. This is what I hope to explore for a very long time to come.




A project to collect my thoughts on design in the hope that one day I might start running projects through it. TiP: Ideas now, Studio one day.